Tuesday, March 25, 2014

442 of 1001 Albums: Dinosaur Jr.'s Bug

I often see that Dinosaur Jr. is playing in a nearby city, but yet I had never heard what the band sounded like before. Today they made an appearance on the list as I was reading through to see what was next, and I was finally going to give a listen. I can definitely see why they have a strong appeal to the Athens, Ga scene. They are very indie sounding. The songs are raw, but show case the talent of the band.

History: This album is from the alternative rock band, and is the third one. The band released this in 1988, and honestly it sounds so different from the sounds associated with the 80's. The band is getting in gear for more of the 90's sound I'm familiar with. The album has mostly positive reviews from critics as well. If you're not familiar, the album also falls under the category noise rock.

Vocals: So the vocals vary a lot as far as sound. Sometimes the vocals sound more raw and indie. I prefer when the vocalist is going for more of that vibe. There are other songs like "Don't" where the songs turn more into the yelling and screaming vibe. It has no rhythm and doesn't sound appealing. Most the songs do not sound like though, so if you prefer music that isn't yelling then most the album should be enjoyable, but I imagine fans like many sides of this band that does show quite a vocal range in this album.

Instrumentals: The instrumentals are the traditional rock sound, maybe even a bit garage rock like. It is very raw, but there are some moments that I particularly enjoyed the guitar playing. It adds a lot of attitude to the tunes, and gives it something that stands out instrumentally about the songs. Other than that you will hear a drum and bass, and perhaps another guitar. I couldn't find the particular list of who contributed to this album though, but I do know one of the bassist left after this album.

Recording: Now what is impressive is how this album was recorded in 1988. Though it is raw in sound, and the music is very indie, the album also sounds like it was recorded after that time. There isn't a way I would have guessed this was when that was recorded. The instruments can still have prominence appearance, and the vocals are timeless in their own indie way.

Now Dinosaur Jr. was good, but also as expected. They are still playing today, so that is really impressive, and they always turn up in an area nearby here. They probably wouldn't be a bad band to see live. Now I also don't see myself listening to it again though either. About the only music I listen to is that that I'm still having some sort of tie to, which is rare.

Rating 6.5 of 10.

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