Friday, March 21, 2014

Bookshelf: E.L James' Fifty Shades Darker

So you might recall I read the first book, and gave it higher stars, which was 5 of 6, than some might have thought it deserved. Well that is because it was entertaining, and well it did keep you wondering where it would go next. Now this will give you spoilers in this blog if you don't want to know where the first book goes, so stop reading now if you don't want that. Anyways, at the end of the first book Christian and Anastasia had parted ways, so a huge enough cliffhanger was left to keep us reading till the next book. Now upon arriving to the next book you see that the plot was completely useless. There was no reason to continue writing these characters. The BDSM disappears, the story, everything.

Summary: Anastasia and Christian are back together after a very short break. Now they have discovered they want the real thing, or least Anastasia does. Christian seems still on the fence about whether he can commit since he can't say he loves her just yet. When an ex-submissive shows back up who has gone crazy, and Elena, the woman who was Christian's first submissive, begin to over crowd Anastasia's existence in Christian's life she is unsure she can commit to a man with such a past. Not only that, but Christian still has many issues he is dealing with from childhood that prevent him from being touched. Anastasia thought she was ready to commit, but is she?

Characters: Well James really tries to take a huge leap into character development with this book. I admire the attempt, but it gets really cliche. I understand though that it's really enjoyable to right cliche males though. There is a stereotypical idea that works because it's arousing for many females. Christian has a bad past of all sorts. He's been abused by a parent, the victim of child molestation, and he now vents his pain in BDSM. Who would have thought?! I'm sure people who really practice BDSM weren't pleased with how someone practicing that was depicted though. Anyways, Christian needs some sexual healing...Anastasia turns out to be that healing in only five weeks! While Christian seems to have plenty of personality issues going on, Anastasia becomes a piece of card board in this. In the first book I'll give her the credit that she at least seemed to be aspiring to something? But in this book she becomes Christian's healer. It's just very cliche again, and Anastasia loses even more of a personality. Besides that she seems to be a trap for constantly almost being raped.

Writing: The worst part isn't really the character development though, it's the writing. Wow! If the writing had just left out so many awful lines and words, it would at least be a decent book to recommend to other women into the same thing. This writing though is so cheesy, and juvenile. I get that Anastasia is a virgin before meeting Christian. I'm a virgin, but I don't think like I'm not an adult about sex. There are also some words that are entirely annoying. Like Anastasia constantly refers to herself, or well her personality, or persona as "inner goddess" What the heck?! It sounds like she is having personality disorder issues the entire time. There is also the fact that Christian doesn't sound like a man. He doesn't express himself as a man. This might as well be two lesbians going at it.

Plot: The plot might be the best thing about it even though it's forced to continue on from the first. It brings up some good ideas though about how the past is going to affect future relationships. Anastasia has a lot to get over to be with Christian including his ex-submissives, the fact she isn't as into the bondage thing hardcore, and that Christian has a very dark secret about why he chooses the women he does. This all leaves very little room for Anastasia to develop. Essentially to sum her up her biggest issue is that she doesn't feel attractive enough to be with Christian. Boo-hoo. She has nothing really deeper than that. The story throws you for some loops though, and honestly no matter how poorly developed the characters are, or how bad it's written, this book is just downright entertaining and I don't know why.

I'll be honest there were many moments between the characters in the book that I just felt embarrassed for them, but I couldn't help but continue to read. It gets boring sometimes, but I still want to know why these two are together? Now after only five weeks together they have made some huge commitments by the end. I'm just hoping with the last novel in the series some clarity is given to the appeal of why Christian has made this drastic change, and why Anastasia is willing to belittle herself to nothing so much? Because to me that is the biggest issue.

Rating 3.5 of 10.

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