Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Movie Review: The Single Mom's Club (2014)

So I'll admit I wasn't completely clear headed when I saw this movie, so I'm not going to give it a solid rating, but I think I was aware enough during most the movie to understand the gist of each character and what was happening. Anyways, after getting to the theater after 8:30 I was late to see Her, and honestly the plot just seemed like one that you couldn't miss a spot in, so I figured I would I try to see what else was playing that late, and I could also have a glass of wine with. Well the only thing actually playing was The Single Mom's Club. It's nicely paired with wine.

Summary: Five moms, May, Jan, Hillary, Esperanza, and Lytia are united when their children find themselves in trouble at school. The moms are single and feel that in order to better themselves as mom and have a dependable group of other females experiencing the same thing they will join together to make the Single Mom's Club. They will babysit for each other, and provide ears and conversation for each other as well, especially as they all hope to go back into the dating world.

Acting: The cast is pretty huge, so it does allow for some story lines to not develop or just disappear, and I think the weaker actresses were the ones they were trying to cram away from the screen. Nia long was one of the main ones, and perhaps even the center of the club they form. Her story seems to allow the actress to express the most emotion, and development of the movie. It's no shock either she will end up dating Tyler Perry's character. Perhaps my favorite, and most intriguing character was Wendi McLendon-Convey's Jan. Convey isn't ever a lead actress, but she has had parts in movies like Bridesmaids, and she currently stars in the show The Goldbergs. I feel she is the funniest in the movie because while a serious story, she adds a bit of comedy by not taking herself too seriously. Amy Smart also makes an appearance, and well since she has gotten older let's be honest she hasn't been as in many huge movies. Smart is one of the weaker links of the cast though, but she works to fit in with the dynamics happening. Another weak link was Esperanza who was portrayed by Zulay Heno. Heno doesn't add much of anything at all to the group. Cocoa Brown is Lytia, and honestly the funniest and one of the most interesting parts of the whole movie. She also works because the relationship she has with her on screen son also feels real and authentic. Terry Crews is in the movie as TK who ends up dating Lytia, and of all the male appearances in the movie Crews works the best as well, and I think if any men show up to this movie he might be the most enjoyable comic relief for them.

Filming: I've never watched a movie from Tyler Perry before, but from what I can gather on what I've heard his stories usually depict people who have some sort of family unit, and it has a message about families. Now the movie does have this warm and comfortable vibe that brings out the feelings I think most will be hoping if they go see a movie from Perry. There is also a bit of humor in the movie, but it's nothing of course like you're going to get if you are a Madea fan.

Plot: Well this movie seems like a tad bit of a departure from what Perry usually directs. It definitely doesn't derive in the movie what are the typical movie standards nowadays to garner a movie audience. The movie isn't too over the top in humor, it's a chick-flick directed by a man, there is more commodity among the women, which let's all be honest most movies don't have, and it's trying to have a message about families. Most of all I just liked that women weren't hating on each other a whole movie. It shows the importance of female friendships. Besides that though since the movie is targeted toward women some women, especially single mom's might find the reality they live a bit unrealistic to the reality they know when you're on your own raising a child. These women do live in very nice homes, and have worked up the work ladder pretty high for not being that much older than me it seems. I think with a director who admits he hasn't shopped for grocery in 15 years though it isn't surprising.

Honestly, I don't get why people are hating on this movie so bad. Perry has directed movies that look worse. This movie is also trying to have heart, and while I know people seem repelled by movies that are feminine I think it has a message about female relationships as well. It's enjoyable, it's a popcorn movie, and it's entertaining for the most part. I just don't get why people seem to walk into a movie like this expecting to find something other than well what there is to expect? This isn't planning on contending for the Oscars.

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