Monday, March 3, 2014

Saturday Movies: The Master of Disguise (2002)

I'm not exactly sure what made me think it would be a good idea to watch The Master of Disguise. Don't anyone get mad, but I've never found Dana Carvey funny even though I've known a lot of people that do. Any appeal found in this movie at all will have to at least be on a Carvey basis, but the movie does have a lot of child like humor, that kids might fight funny, but for adults there isn't a lot to be interesting.

Summary: Pistachio is a Italian waiter who is just living an average life, until he finds out that he is descended from masters of disguises. This explains his ability to slip into other natures so naturally. After his father is kidnapped by Bowman, who wants to steal the treasures of the world, Pistachio is going to have to live out his family's legacy with the help of his grandfather. His father has been kidnapped so Bowman can utilize his ability to disguise in order to get access to places. Pistachio though is trying to juggle his love life that seems to get a boost not long after the family reveal.

Acting: Well I'm sure Dana Carvey has been good in other movies like Wayne's World, but to be honest I've never found Carvey funny. I'm not a fan of the stand up nor the stint he had on SNL. I'v seen some of the most famous skits, and didn't get the funny. Carvey though works to make some of the parts cute though like the turtle, but mostly this movie feels designed just to show how many people Carvey can imitate including George W. Bush. Jennifer Esposito is another lead as the love interest Jennifer, she maybe the only normal part of the movie. There is also James Brolin as Fabbrizio Disguisey, the father, and the grandfather is portrayed by Harold Gould. The most shocking appearance is Brent Spiner as Bowman though. It's odd seeing the guy who did a great performance as Data on Star Trek for so long ending up in something as ridiculous as this.

Filming: The movie has sort of a cartoon vibe, which works considering this isn't aimed at adults. I think the film makes a mistake in trying to be any way appealing to adults though because nothing works about it to appeal to someone older than 11. There are some crude jokes slipped in that are't funny as well. For some reason none of the comedy was brought either that made me laugh. I will admit had I been a younger age perhaps I would have though?

Plot: The plot is so basic that I think it almost doesn't even want to follow, and instead would rather give Carvey a ton of excuses to dress up as many characters that sometimes could be funny, but overall aren't. The Bush one is particularly outdated, but I guess no one cared around the time it came out that years later the joke of Bush would fade. The plot isn't anything to care about though, and if you're watching long enough to give the movie attention then you might only still b watching as a Carvey fan.

I thought this movie might be decent, light and innocent. The only thing it was was light, but I think some of the jokes even make it awkward viewing for younger kids that you don't want to explain stuff to, and younger kids might be the only appropriate audience for the humor. I mean for real I could see little kids loving the humor but it's tarnished by trying to force adult moments.

Rating 3.5 of 10

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