Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday Movie Night: The Losers (2010)

I remember when I first saw previews of this when it came out in 2010, I didn't think much of it. My fiance recommended it though, so I checked it out. While the plot is decent the visuals are where the strengths of the movie truly lie. There are many memorable scenes in the movie, and the movie is just going for cool. Sylvain White seemed to be aiming to make a very cool movie and he got that, but he may have lost some other things to focus on along the way.

Summary: Clay, Jensen, Roque, Pooch, and Cougar are apart of a CIA special forces team. When they disobey commands from their superiors though they are left for dead, and now left to fend on their own. The betrayal was instigated by a man named, Max. Now they are planning their own offensive, but when a mysterious woman becomes apart of their team she could hurt or help the offense they are building again him. Not only are they trying to plan a way to get back, but also make it out of the jungle they were left in as well.

Acting: Jeffery Dean Morgan is Clay, and I thought his character had a lot of potential. The actor portrays him great, and leaves room for a lot of mystery and even hurt at the beginning of the movie. I felt like the writing didn't do him enough justice. Chris Evans shows his range as Jensen, and adds the comedic moments to the movie as well as adding a bit of a geeky vibe to the persona he is playing. Idris Elba is becoming a bigger name, and one his roles he did before his more popular one in Thor is as Roque. I like the complexity he brought to him, and felt he keeps him hard to predict. Columbus Short I haven't seen anything, but he might have been the least memorable as Pooch. Oscar Jaenada was also good, but definitely not one that had a lot of attention as Cougar. Not to forget there is one female who is the main one in the cast and that Zoe Saldana as Aisha. She works for the role, and she has a lot of chemistry with Morgan. Jason Patric plays the bad guy Max, and works nicely for a bad guy you wouldn't expect.

Filming: The most impressive part, or at least from what I found was the way the movie was shot. There are scenes in the movie that catch your interest, and you can't turn away from. For example, there is a fire scene between Clay and Aisha. The music and the colors work together, and the actors have chemistry to contribute to it working. It's well put together, and you can tell that there was a lot of attention put into certain scenes like that. It's got a lot of personality and character to the craft of it.

Plot: The plot doesn't get too complicated, which is great because the movie doesn't give itself a huge running time to really develop everything in the magnitude of a complex plot. It's more just a fun movie for entertainment, perhaps a few laughs. I felt the start of the movie was a way serious start to what would be a lighter rest of the movie though. Not to really say I was blew away though. While it's entertaining by the end the movie has spun itself out, and in a way you wish you could see more from the development of the characters. Again it's for the entertainment aspect.

The Losers is a good movie. Nothing too over the top, but you have some cool scenes and good acting that weaves it together. In the end it might be a little too typical to stand out from what might have been released at that time as well. Plus, the beginning was a difficult start to what would become almost the completely opposite movie in tone.

Rating 7 of 10.

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