Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wednesday Movie Night: Prince Avalanche (2013)

Prince Avalanche was one of those movies from 2013 I had been anticipating seeing, and I finally took the chance to see it. To be honest it's just as I expected. It's a good story, but nothing memorable, and in a world where a lot of movies like this are released it doesn't have anything that quite pops outside the acting. Emile Hirsch brings one of his better roles to life since Into the Wild though, and Paul Rudd just gives us another slice of what he is capable of.

Summary: Alvin is a highway road worker, and in the summer of 1988 he has agreed to help out his girlfriend's brother, and bring him along for some work as well. While Alvin finds himself trying to be responsible and enjoying the outdoors he works in, Lance is quite the opposite. He's more focused on where the nearest town is so he can get laid, and if he can turn up his radio loud so he can hear his rock music. The two though are going to have some life changing experiences while they are away from the world, and it will be the only other person they can probably confide in.

Acting: Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch are basically the only two you will see in the movie, but the way they interact works and creates an interesting story for the movie. Rudd is a bit of an odd guy as Alvin, and honestly I feel Rudd is an underestimated actor. The guy has range, and for some reason his personas always feel very down to earth. Emile Hirsch also stars as Lance, and while Hirsch doesn't shine as much as Rudd I felt he was likable, and I liked the character growth that the movie did give him, because it does have a nice little message. Outside of these two there isn't much of a cast except some minor appearances, but Rudd and Hirsch work very well together.

Filming: The movie is very typical indie. Very acoustic driven music, odd characters, and lots of pretty shots. This doesn't take away from the fact that David Gordon Green does a beautiful job with directing. The shots that he takes do bring out the beauty of their surroundings despite the fact the area has just suffered a fire. I felt though that nothing stood out either, and after a while some shots seem through in to just be artsy for the sake of it.

Plot: The plot does make leaps and growth though thankfully without getting too lost in the direction of the appearance. I think the characters become more likable as the story grows as well, especially one as questionable as Lance who you have no idea what to think about. The friendship that grows is well done as well. At the end of it I do think a very male message is woven in about some male ideals. I do like the subtle twists as well that were unexpected.

Prince Avalanche is a sweet and good indie movie. It isn't a knock out from 2013, but for viewers it has some nice themes to think over. The ending may end a little obscurely though to feel as if you've had an adequate ending to such character build up though. There are also plenty of character connections, like with the old man, who keeps driving by their site that just seems abandon by the end.

Rating 7.5 of 10.

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