Thursday, March 6, 2014

Wednesday Movie Night: Riddick (2013)

I haven't saw the other Riddick movies, but I was told I didn't need to see the other ones to potentially follow this one, so I jumped in to watch. Now it may be true you can keep up with the basic story just by tuning in with this one, but you maybe lacking some ties to the characters, and how the world or Riddick works if you aren't familiar with the past ones. Obviously it isn't earth, and it's on a foreign planet with different creatures and other threats.

Summary: Riddick is left for dead, and pursued by predators as he tries to survives. His only hope to alert a beacon that brings some trouble with it. Two ships arrive, one that is of mercenaries, and the other that contains the enemy of Riddick. Though he doesn't want to be caught with either teaming up with each other may be their only way of survival as a storm of demons is on the horizon, and looking to prove a threat to anyone no matter who they are. Bad blood though may stand in their way of uniting.

Acting: Vin Diesel is the lead as Riddick, and for the most part it seems to be a typical Diesel part. If you're a fan of him then you might enjoy him in this role, and I did felt he brought some mystery and intrigue to it. I felt perhaps it was other characters that harmed the overall vibe of the movie. Jordi Molla is the first of what continues to be an unlikable cast of side characters as Santana. Molla stays in the movie way too long for someone you just don't like from the get go. Matt Nable is one of the old enemies as Boss Johns. Katee Sackhoff might be one of the most unlikable characters as Dahl. She is trying to be some sort of hot, stereotypical, lesbian. It's just something trying to portray a strong woman, but ends up being more sexist with how she is placed in a man movie. There are many other faces in the movie but you will also recognize the wrestler, Bautista. He doesn't do much, just stands there, be tough, ad kicks some butt. Whatever.

Filming: The movie has a very sleek, cool, and well comic like appearance. It's definitely intended to appeal to the fan boys. I think the look is very cool though, and memorable, and the CGI is usually well blended i the movie as well. It captures the action once it picks up well and helps at least maintain some interest in the movie.

Plot: Well as far as the plot for the first hour the movie is just really slow. It's Riddick roaming, and teasing the new arrivals. It feels like the movie is trying to waste time till it decides to go somewhere. When the action kicks in though it does get good, especially as you debate whether these people will finally team up or continue to be torn apart by their past. For the most part I always felt I was ready for the movie to go off. My interest just never picked up.

Riddick will be for those following the previous movies, but even if you have see the others. It sounds like this one is missing whatever made the past ones strong as well. It does have entertainment value though, and if you can get past some annoying characters you'll make it through the whole movie. It's a visually strong movie though.

Rating 5.5 of 10.

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