Tuesday, April 1, 2014

270 of 1001 movies: Deliverance (1972)

I've been aware that the movie Deliverance exists since I was a kid, but I never was allowed to watch it. I can see why though as I was disturbed at 25 at the scenes in the movie Deliverance is based on much of the same story line of the book, which makes sense since James Dickey wrote it and the screen play. Anything changed seems more for time sake's. While I enjoyed the movie I did feel some piece of the character development was just missing. Maybe it comes from already coming from a book that felt rushed in the first place?

Summary: Lewis loves the wild, and before the Cahulawassee River is turned into a lake he wants to take a canoeing trip one more time down the river. He takes his friends as well, Ed, Drew, and Bobby who are not as huge into the outdoors as Lewis. There trip though goes awry when they get into the back country, and meet some sketchy people who will test their survival skills beyond the wild, and force to them to kill or be killed.

Acting: Jon Voight stars as Ed who becme a more prominent person in the film as the movie progresses. Unlike the book you won't get the first person narrative from him, so a lot of the growth regarding manhood and the wild is left out, but I feel that James Dickey still did a great enough job with the screenplay to show his growth, and how he becomes more apart of the wild and doing what he has to do. Burt Reynolds is very suiting as Lewis who is a bit more into the wild than the rest, but my only question is what is up with the strange vest? Ned Beatty, who might more well know as Lotso in the Toy Story 3 movie, is Bobby, and he is really well cast. It isn't that everyone else isn't well cast, but Bobby gets spot on how you imagine him to be, and Beatty really brings out the attributes of Bobby I came to knew him as reading about him. Ronny Cox rounds out the group of friends as Drew, and he does a great job as well, and shows us why this guy is so likable. From there most of everyone makes short appearances as strange country people, and even James Dickey makes an appearance as the sheriff at the end.

Filming: The movie is shot completely in the wild, and honestly that is interesting enough. There is a lot of action going on in the movie, and John Boorman does a great job of capturing the guys as they go down the river, and I know it had to be difficult to match up all that audio with the shots as they did. There are also really cool scenes near the end at night that do build up the intensity. Speaking of intensity, there are some scenes that look graphic, but I think it never gets too graphic, but the implication and the shots already taken somehow give you the full bad force of what is happening.

Plot: The plot is very straight up and gets going quick. Now it does take a long time before we see what will be the huge problem in the movie, but it stays more focused on how the man grow as best it can above anything. Now since we don't see their home lives before they get there, and only hints of what they have and who they are, we may not get the full force of their change. Dickey works it well into the screenplay like showing Ed's hesitant to shoot a deer, in how big of a change that will be by the end.

Deliverance is an unique movie. I haven't watched anything quite as honest and open as this. It is a classic that you've heard about and maybe even seen though because it got so bold that people will always be talking about it. It's quite short though for what feels like it could be a better all around developed movie that takes us more into the heart of darkness.

Rating 8 of 10.

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