Wednesday, April 2, 2014

36 of 1001 Songs: Amadou and Mariam's Sabali

So I've never heard of the Mali duo, Amadou and Mariam, but I can't say I will ever go back to a time that I didn't listen to them again now. The song, Sabali, was a lot of fun to listen to, and even though I don't speak the same language I loved all the emotion and expression you could hear in their voicing. As the song goes on it picks up even more to sound like something that is beautiful.

History: Mariam and Amadou lost their eye sight at different ages in their lives, but they both know what it was like to one time see. Since losing their sight it seems their voices have become a guide and way to express all the atmospheres and senses from a perspective they've had to adjust to. The group has went on to be Grammy nominated and play at festivals like Lollapalooza. Now while there is much information on this particular song, the duo has accomplished a lot on their own.

Vocals: Both of them contribute to the vocals, and for some it might take some adjustment to listen to their voicing. Once I listened to only a few seconds of the song though I loved the way their voices were building to sound like something huger till it picks up into more a dance beat by the end. The harmonizing is well done, and the instrumentals sound like a modern mix of their own culture to make for some of the hippest arranged music around.

Instrumentals: I'm not too sure about all the details with the instruments in this song, but I do know that one plays the guitar, which adds a lot to the more electronic sounds that are happening in the tune. Outside of his guitar I can only guess that there is a guitar, and a drum happening to make for the instruments you're hearing on the album. I love how it sounds though, and I feel it builds up very well, especially if you're someone in the audience listening, and wanting to dance.

Lyrics: The lyrics to this song are really great! I love how positive and uplifting the meaning of the song is, particularly the moments where the verses mention having patience with others. I wish music had more of a message like this. Some of the stuff I've come across is such useless garbage, but then you come across songs like this, which is trying to put something good out there, and it comes from two people who's joy you can feel radiating through the song.

I highly recommend this song. The lyrics are great and the overall arrangement of the rest of the song is memorable to the listener. I can't help but think over the good feeling it gives you to listen even if you can't speak the same language. You don't have to speak it to know what it is they are saying is bringing some happiness.

Rating 9 of 10.

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