Tuesday, April 1, 2014

444 of 1001 Albums: Mariah Carey's Butterfly

In 1997 this music was huge and I'm sure at 10 I loved the tunes, though I don't remember listening to Mariah Carey as much. I found some tunes that might have appealed to me on it then. Nowadays though the album sounds incredibly 90's. As I enjoy the sounds of the 80's, I am sure the 90's pop sound is enjoyable to others. There is one thing that can't be denied though, and that is that Mariah Carey has an amazing voice.

History: This was the 6th album for Mariah Carey, and it showed her music growing in a positive way. The album was a direction for her that continued her growing into the hip hop and R&B genres, which also complimented her voice very well. Critics gave the album mostly positive reviews as well. The album also debuted as well with it being a chart topper.

Vocals: There is no denying that Mariah Carey has a set of pipes that impress. Whether you like the style of music or not there is a lot of talent going on vocally. I feel like almost every other aspect of the music is geared to show off her vocals as well. For this album she has a lot more of a serious tone and it matches the lyrics and vibe of the album as well. I do think it's incredible the range of the pitch that hits mid-tones, and then very high.

Instrumentals: There are a variety of instrumentals used on this album, but mostly keyboards. It gets the pop sound the heaviest with the inclusion of the synthesizers as well. There are guitars and basses, and drums included as well. While the musician are talented about the goal and idea they are achieving with the sound we can be honest and say that if you're listening to this album for instrumentals then you're listening to the wrong album. It's much more highlighting pop and vocals instead.

Recording: The recording is crisp and dancing, but also very 90's. There is nothing wrong with the 90's, but I know that 90's pop is for a certain audience. I think though that the album is still a good listen if you're a fan though. No matter what decade we're living in you can't change what is talent, and that is there on the album.

It's nice to finally hear some music that does bring back some nostalgia. I think Mariah Carey has some funner songs than what was featured on this album, but it shows some of her more serious work that obviously will get more attention. I will say though that if I find a boy band album to listen to, or Britney Spears that will bring back more memories though.

Rating 5.5 of 10.

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