Friday, April 18, 2014

Book Review: Iris Krasnow's Sex After...Women Share How Intimacy Changes as Life Changes

Somehow I misread the intent of this book, and I didn't know that it was only about sex that didn't begin at the first stage, when you first have sex. This book is more about the biological factors taking place to change sex, and a lot less about the emotional ones. The author, Iris Krasnow, also avoids giving her opinion for a good bit of the book, and most of the book is from various perspectives, mostly women. I have my own multiple problems with that. While this book might provide help and comfort for some, there was much of it I just felt was difficult to read.

Summary: Most women have had some sort of sexual life, and as you knew it at twenty probably isn't how you'll know it when you're older. There are many things that a woman will go through, specifically that will affect her sex life. She will have babies, go through menopause, and find partners who may not be that focused on pleasing her. The accounts of women in this book share all those plus even finding they were attracted to the same sex. Instead of Krasnow being the main sharer she lets women instead share their stories.

Characters: My main complaint about the book is that there are so many people featured in each chapter that you feel like you aren't getting any grounded knowledge. You're getting a lot of individual experiences that are relative to the person talking about them. Many of the accounts in the book feature women who have had affairs, and seem to most of the time condone how it bettered their life because their current husbands were so awful. This just made the book worse. These women and some men seem to be justifying their affairs and forgetting the marriage vows they'e taken sickness and health. These women seem to think because their husband stopped having a good erection or had to be put away in a nursing home then it justifies seeking out someone else. It just has a lot of selfish people in the book. I didn't think getting older equaled being selfish. What if a man had written a story about leaving his wife because her vagina got too loose after childbirth or she was too dry after menopause?

Writing: Well instead of giving a final proof copy, so when a reader reads they are reading a book that will flow for the audience buying, they instead give a rough draft of a book. I think that undermines the reader into being dumb, and thinking we will forget a lot of flubs and mistakes that could easily be corrected by giving a final copy. I think Goodreads should also stop allowing people to giveaway uncorrected advanced reader copies. You aren't winning anything because it's not an actual book, it's a like printed off Word document with the covering to be used on it. Make me feel as if I won something, and took the time to enter to win an actual book. Not something you're scared of giving away ahead of time.

Plot: Despite the writing mistakes and my very huge hatred of advanced reading copies, I feel the author does a good job at dividing up her book. Once I got over that this book wasn't what I thought it was going to be there were certain chapters that were interesting to read, like the one on menopause, and even the men's inputs on the other side of being on that sex life.

Perhaps when this book gets a final copy it will be a good read at least writing wise, and for those wanting to justify trying to better their own sex lives by going outside their marriage. If you don't like your marriage then leave it, but don't put someone through the heartache of knowing you didn't want to keep your vows anymore.

Rating 4 of 10.

This book was provided by Gotham books in exchange for a review.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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