Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Book Review: Stephen M. Miller's 100 Tough Questions About the Bible

It's not easy to address some of the hardest questions of the Bible, and some of the answers are impossible to answer as you'll find from this book. So with that in mind the reader should be warned this isn't to answer your questions, but provide many thought out varying answers and the questions posed. Once I realized that I was able to enjoy this much better. This isn't a book for only new Christians though, as some of these questions even people who have been Christians a while haven't really thought through, including me.

Summary: How was a woman able to conceive a child as a virgin? What about the plagues that Moses caused as punishment for Pharaoh continuing to hold Israelis as slaves?  These are just a couple of the many questions posed in the book. Miller gives an explanation that has been studied from more of a theological and scientific stand point, and he also gives other varying views from Christians as well to provide many perspectives of how these questions have been looked at and studied for a view that only the reader can conclude on.

Characters: Most of the people you'll meet in this book are Biblical characters. Since many of the questions revolve around happenings or events that took place in stories of the Bible you may end up becoming reacquainted or better knowing about their stories. Now the book at first gets off to a rough start because I think what he presents about the people are just assumptions and for some it might anger he even acknowledges other sides of them.

Writing: I could just be overly sensitive, but I felt that sometimes the author was a bit condescending in the way he addressed the audience. I didn't feel as if he was talking to me as if I knew other sides, and sometimes I felt he had a way of speaking as if he was somehow laughing at some of the perspectives people might have regarding their answers to some of these questions.

Plot: At first as said some of the questions don't seem to dig too deep, but perhaps he was trying to build up to the bigger questions he gets to that might be more of walking on glass around Christians like alcohol, abortion, and even homosexuality. Now the way he responds to those questions seemed to add a lot more meat, and I think you could even tell the author seemed to grow more passionate about these topics as well as he wrote a lot more about them. Even the predestined debate he got pretty heated with his own arguments, and it was pretty obvious where he was leaning.

Anyways, if you're new to the Bible, or wanting to gain some other perspectives to major questions people present, and how others may think then this could be a good place for that. I learned a bit, but honestly it's nothing I would have went online to buy because these questions are addressed many other places like It isn't something you have to go buy to really discover the answers to. The biggest benefit is that it provides your answers in one place.

Rating 5.5 of 10.

This book was provided by Bethany House Publishers in exchange for a review.


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