Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Movie Spotlight: Tabloid (2010)

I'm a bit behind on this as I just got married and spent a week honeymooning, and then returned home to only find my internet was out. To catch up though, famed Errol Morris released a documentary a couple of weeks ago, The Unknown Known. Now this documentary film maker seems to like to cover controversial and interesting figures. In Tabloid he doesn't fail to find the bizarre, and made the subject, Joyce McKinney file a lawsuit against him she was so upset with his portrayal.

Summary: Joyce McKinney was Miss Wyoming in the 70's, and she seemed like a sweet nature and innocent girl, that is until she found herself in the midst of a tabloid scandal. She was dating a Mormon man who she fell for, and was planning to marry. She says once he disappeared though she went looking for him, and thought he become the victim of a cult, though he had just joined as a missionary. McKinney kidnapped him though she claims it was just to rescue him. Now Morris interviews McKinney and gets her side of the story alon with those who were around her at the time.

Characters: The only thing helping keeping it intriguing is watching Joyce being interviewed. She seems so into her own story that you will either believe her, or believe she seems to believe her own story without any doubt. She makes anyone else being interviewed boring and seem very irrelevant. Unless they are her I could really care less what they have to say unless it was the guy she kidnapped who was refusing to be interviewed anyways. Instead McKinney is sane and realizes that Morris has made her look sort of crazy during the interview.

Filming: There aren't a lot of photos or videos to really bring the story to life, so it relies on people who know a lot about the character involved telling what they know through an interview like setup. Morris does throw in some cool little bits to make it cartoonish to add some life to the format, but honestly it does really push it on being interesting. For some reason even though the story is bizarre it's hard to just get into it. I guess you would have had to been alive and aware of the story at the time to have any interest on where the Miss Wyoming is now and hearing her speak about it.

Plot: Well the plot is essentially hearing from the woman who stirred up all the tabloids who abducted a man she thought had been put into a cult. In order to try to help him she tied him up and allegedly raped him. Now of course, that isn't McKinney's side of things who holds to her innocence even after being found guilty. Now if you're someone again who was into this story then you will be interested in hearing what she has to say about this, but otherwise it is a bit of a slow watch. For some reason I just never felt compelled, but perhaps that is because at this time and age the news it's so weird people have heard all sorts of weird things.

Tabloid is a documentary that explores a segment of the news would that may be long forgotten by anyone who doesn't have a memory of this event. Even Morris' own interest was stirred because he saw she had recently popped up in the media for having her dog cloned. It turns out the woman who had her dog cloned had a weirder story even in her past.

Rating 6.5 of 10.

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