Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wednesday Movie Night: About Time (2013)

I oddly saw the preview for this movie at The World's End last year, and took an interest in seeing it. The good news is that even if you're a fan of a movie that seems so the opposite this will be appealing too. I was a bit hesitant about how I might like the movie though considering I haven't seen Richard Curtis' other movies, and I had only seen Love Actually, which I didn't enjoy as much as I thought. The good news is that About Time was way better, and a really sweet story. It's one of the better written and more touching stories I've seen in a while. And thank goodness, there is no Hugh Grant cameo.

Summary: Tim finds out from his father at the age of 21 that the men in his family are capable of time travel. Tim instantly puts his new discovery to the test to find that it's true, and his world is instantly complicated. After the loss of what he thought was his true love he meets Mary, but he wants to perfect so many moments with her that he risks losing her. As his life grows more complicated though Tim finds his losses becoming huger, and it puts him in a tough spot knowing he can change time.

Acting:  So the only thing I could clearly remember Domhnall Gleeson from was the Weasley sibling in Harry Potter that didn't get enough attention. The guy though is a really good actor, and hopefully finally having a lead part in a movie that is directed by a notable director will give him some more attention. He had a lot of chemistry with Rachel McAdams as well, who you would think at this point had overstayed her world in the romantic movie world. McAdams proves though she is still right at home there though. She uses her usual techniques of being cute, but she has chemistry with a great lead so it works. I do like how while the movie does revolve around romance it doesn't ever feel forced to be the primary driving reason of every moment of the movie. There is also the relationship that Tim has with his father, who is portrayed by Bill Nighy. Nighy brings his usual humor and charming persona to the character, and makes him just as interesting to watch as anyone else. The only other face that really appears and is memorable is Lydia Wilson as Kit Kat. Her character provides some interesting plot twists as well.

Filming: There is something magical about Curtis' film. They revolve around romance, but they seem more accessible to a wide range of people than just women. Even my husband was enjoying this movie a lot, and talking about it for a couple days after we had watched it. The colors are warm, but not too bold, and Curtis proves you don't need a bunch of CGI to still make the exploration of time travel something to have to compete in a CGI driven world. The act of Tim just getting in the closest to travel time was more magical than anything.

Plot: I like how the plot grows as Tim finds further complications with the huge decisions that come with changing time. Such as when you have to choose the death of a loved one to be timed now versus perhaps the birth of your child. I felt the quotes were witty, and the actions of the characters seemed real as well. It flows effortlessly for a two hour span, which is really difficult to do. By the end the movie does achieve moving you emotionally, but being real enough to not ever get too cheesy.

If you're looking for a movie that isn't just for romantic couples then I do suggest this. Curtis has gotten me interested in his other movies that aren't Love Actually. At some point I even plan on going back to by this movie to have it sitting on my shelf as it is definitely getting a rewatch. The message ultimately is a beautiful thing.

Rating 9.5 of 10.

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