Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wednesday Movie Night: Anchorman 2 (2013)

Anchorman was ridiculous, and yet I found it hilarious as well. This movie really is no different, and honestly it might be just as crazy as the first one, and for some that might hurt it though. I ended up enjoying this one though, but I think for those looking for the good one liners and a movie that flows in a building story this one isn't quite the same. Still it offers some hilarious scenes though, and everyone remains true to the characters they are.

Summary: Ron Burgundy has fell away from the stardom he used to know as a news reporter, and his marriage to Veronica is rocky as her career soars. He also has a kid that he is struggling to spend time with. When Ron is given the chance to be apart of new news network he rounds up his old crew, who seem to be content in their lives, so they can work together at the new station. They haven't really changed though, and while it might start out good for them, they have a way of offending and landing themselves in trouble that puts their new station at risk.

Acting: `Will Ferrell leads the cast as Ron Burgundy, and he makes him as obnoxious and rude as ever, but also seemingly completely unaware of just what he is saying. Ferrell though doesn't seem near as entertaining as some of the other actors though. Paul Rudd is Brian and I think for him this shows some of his range. He is honestly the most likable, but like the rest of the guys he can be completely as offensive. Steve Carell returns as the very strange Brick, and with his new girlfriend portrayed by Kristen Wig, it makes for a very hilarious movie, and with him being one of the funniest characters. David Koechner is Champ Kind who has many laughs, and there is Christina Applegate who plays the Veronica well.

Filming: The director does a good job about capturing much of the same zany vibe that was happening in the previous movie. The biggest added thing to the equation that I could notice though was how much music there was put into this one as if it was almost turning into a soundtrack from that time. In a way it works, but it also feels like certain aspects were being forced with it. Then the fight scene that is like the one that occurred in the first movie, well employs a lot more CGI techniques, which could be a good or bad thing depending on your taste.

Plot: The plot is good, and it allows for plenty of good humor. I laughed just as much watching this one as I did the first one. After watching though, and letting it sit I realized that this movie just didn't seem to flow quite like the first. All the aspects were extremely random even when following one another. And in reality much is just a repeat of who Ron is, except showing him in a different scenario.

Anchorman 2 will give fans of the first a laugh. If you're someone who was hung up on the one liners I don't think you'll find quite as much with this one. It's very ridiculous comedy though, and this one so much so they almost seem to focus more on what random moment they can throw in to catch the viewer off guard for a laugh, but let me say it's still good.

Rating 7.5 of 10.

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