Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wednesday Movie Night: Bachelorette (2012)

It's true, I'm getting married this weekend. After a rough day I figured I would get into the mood of being married soon by watching Bachelorette. I can't say this movie would have been as funny as it was had I not had that glass of wine though. A lot of the jokes feel very strained, and overall I felt like I walked away from a movie trying very hard to be the female version of The Hangover. There are drugs and sex along with plenty of drinking, plus crazy antics all in the night before the wedding. Instead of the bachelor party going wrong, the bachelorette one does.

Summary: Becky has a skewed view of what her so called friends think of her. While they all seem close their ties seem to be based on partying. Becky though has calmed down, especially since becoming engaged. Regan though is bitter because she thought she would be the one marrying first, and Gena and Katie are living their lives in party mode without any regrets. After the girls decide to get out Becky's dress to look at and rip it they find their night in one big rush to fix it before the morning.

Acting: Well this cast does boast some notable names, yet the writing makes everyone fall flat. Kirsten Dunst personally has never really stood out to me. I hate to say it but her characters are never likable, and Regan in this movie is no different. Some of the things meant as jokes seem so mean and unfeeling I couldn't laugh. Dunst shows some minor positive growth for her, but overall I was not feeling connected. Rebel Wilson is Becky, the Bride to be, and while Wilson is funny in some things with her awkward self she at times just seems out of place in the movie. Some of the funny moments still come from her though. Isla Fisher is Katie, and well to be honest I found Fisher to be the most entertaining of everyone in the movie. I really hated when the movie tried to get serious with stuff like Gena played by Lizzy Caplan. Why of all the characters she was the one they wanted to center in for a serious moment? I have no idea. It's just so out of place, and I didn't care for it. Fisher though is just insane throughout and much more consistent. It's more entertaining.

Filming: Nothing is wrong with the way the movie is shot. It's very warm, the atmosphere looks like a lot of fun, but I couldn't help but feel this dark undertone the entire time that was never really touched upon. This movie is full of shady characters. While the atmosphere of the movie catches the deeper problem the outer layers and story writing never fully do.

Plot: As said the story never seems to fully reach into what seems to be some really dark issues these characters have. In an hour and half it's hard to do a whole study on these characters. I figured some light problems might haunt these characters, but what we get are dangerous and very serious things that these people deal with. Regan has the least serious issue going on which seems to be a relationship she is in that she isn't happy with. Becky has issues with her body and doesn't feel worthy of the man she is marrying, but that is never even hit upon. Gena had an abortion, is having difficulty with seeing the man who got her pregnant, and also seems to love cocaine. Actually they all love cocaine. Then there is Katie, who's situation just seems downright scary! Yet it's handled in this laughing way. Why was Gena's issue so serious yet Katie ODing, was handled with a laugh? Gena seems to find a breath of fresh air by the end to move on, while Katie's incident was just a huge joke. I hate if I spoiled it for someone, but the way they handled a serious drug problem just didn't seem to feel with equal weight of all the other issues going on. Like near the end when Regan takes Becky aside and tells her to not care what anyone thinks of her weight and just to accept that she is marrying a man that loves her as let's all go snort cocaine! Yeah! I didn't get the weird handling of a deadly drug at all.

Anyways, perhaps if the director hadn't decided to also write the movie she would have had a much stronger movie to work with with a seasoned writer. The acting is good, but there were some characters who came off better than others. With the uneven patchwork of how they handle issues though I was baffled by what it was I just watched.

Rating 5.5 of 10.

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