Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wednesday Movie Night: Dallas Buyers Club (2013)

One of the most talked about movies from 2013 was Dallas Buyers Club. I think I even heard more about it than Best Picture winner, 12 Years a Slave. Perhaps it was because of the dedication of the lead actors though who took their roles to extreme levels by physically preparing themselves for the people they were portraying. Jean - Marc Vallee directs this movie that shows why it was a strong contender in this year awards ceremonies.

Summary: Ron Woodruff is told he has AIDS, and from there his world is changed. With being given only 30 days left to live, Ron isn't just going to die though. The only drugs on the market aren't available for the public yet through doctors, so he begins looking across the globe on a way to obtain drugs to help his health. It isn't so easy though when nothing else is FDA approved, and the only doctor who will help has been banished to work in Mexico. Ron not only will get drugs to help himself though, but other patients who have lost hope finding help as well.

Acting:   There will be two actors you'll notice, and maybe because they also got the most attention for their acting in the movie. One will be Matthew McConaughey who is giving his career new life with roles like this one. In this he plays the lead, Ron, and he makes the guy oddly likable despite his flaws. He changes your perception of the rough guy to one that seems to have a new perspective of everyone by the end. Plus, you can't deny he went through a dramatic change for this role. There is also Jared Leto who gives the movie some humor and heart as well as he portrays the transvetite, Rayon. Leto shows he is an actor you want to see more of, yet only gives something to talk about every few years acting wise. Jennifer Garner is one I think deserved a little more attention yet didn't get get as much as Eve. There are many in this movie to dislike though as doctors, government agencies, and friends set out to hurt Ron and his notion to help those with AIDS.

Filming: The movie isn't anything special, or at least I think, in the way it's shot. It brings the character to life, and it does tell the story well, and that is about what I would hope from a movie myself. You get attached to many of these characters. The movie gives us flashbacks and insight, and moments as well that help you feel closer to the characters involved in the movie.

Plot: Well if you're aware of any of the details of the story of Ron, then you know a good bit has been changed as can be expected. Ron though never wrote a book or anything about himself outside of any interviews he conducted. The main elimination will be his daughter, ex-wife, and sister who are absent fom the movie. There is even a line in the movie where Ron mentions mentions the sadness of never having children to Eve when they have a heart to heart. His sister though did voice her opinion on the approval of McConaughey who was cast as her brother. Besides the changes I believe the director does what he aims for in making a movie that is more directed on a character story, and if it had included more characters well there would have been the need for a bigger movie.

Dallas Buyers Club is an offering from last year that has a lot more heart than many of the other movies available for 2013 at least in the Oscar circuit. There is some sadness but for some reason I found this movie to try to be reaching to the brighter side of humanity if it could. What makes this movie special though are the performances that were rightly recognized.

Rating 8 of 10.

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