Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wednesday Movie Night: Odd Thomas (2013)

It had been a while since I read the Odd Thomas series, but if there was one series to make a movie out of that Dean Koontz has wrote, then I would definitely give this the go ahead. With a great cast though, and even a good story at hand to work with, Stephen Sommers makes this movie one for the fans, but even as a fan you can tell when some areas are hard pressed to be natural. The graphics are okay, and sometimes the score is a little too dramatic. The story though does catch you off guard though, and the cast that was taken on in this movie fits their characters perfectly.

Summary: Odd Thomas is a short order cook who also doubles as a clairvoyant help for the local police department. While serving food one day he foresees some of the worst impending doom to happen in the town yet, but he is struggling to stop it as he can't forget out who will quite be behind the trouble happening. He also wants to protect his girlfriend, Stormy, and he is aware that continuing in this line of work continues to put them both at risk.

Acting: Anton Yelchin is the lead as Odd Thomas, and Yelchin continues to impress, especially with his portrayal of Odd Thomas. He's very suiting because he has something sort of introverted about him, but also has a charming mannerism. Addison Timlin wasn't one of my favorites when the movie first started out, but as the movie goes on and she grows as Stormy I felt she became a lot stronger of an actress. William Dafoe also stars in the movie as Chief Wyatt Porter. I had actually forgotten that Dafoe was in the movie, but I thought this was a nice mix up for him as all I've saw him as is this weird guy, and in this one he seemed more normal. Some of the weaker acting moments come from side characters like the villains. One of the bad guys seemed so young, and I felt it was trying to be misleading, but instead just came off obvious.

Filming: The movie has a very light feel to the way it's shot, but I feel that since Sommers has directed movies like The Mummy before he has a good feel for capturing spooky moments such as in this movie. I did feel that the movie gets a bit spooky in areas. The CGI definitely isn't top notch, but it moves well enough to not distract from the story as well.

Plot: I can't remember the exact details of the book, and since I had forgotten the biggest plot twist of all, so obviously the proves I can't make a fair assessment of how this compares. The story though never bored me. The movie moves really fast though, but I did feel the character growth, and personally appreciated how it gets into the story quick. I think this is more of on the part of the characters again though, but I also felt that the emotions were really strong as well. Everyone seemed to naturally fall into their part, and bring it to life as if they were living it.

Odd Thomas may not have a lot of outside appeal, and with the controversial scenes in the movie that may have hindered marketing. Some fans though ended up being disappointed with some of the depictions though of how the story was carried out. I'm sure if I had remembered the book better then I might have too. I instead enjoyed the movie, and felt it was shocking if you haven't read the books.

Rating 8 of 10.

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