Friday, May 16, 2014

446 of 1001 Albums: The Triffids' Calenture

I do enjoy 80's music, but the past couple of albums have been some underwhelming 80's music. There was The Style Council and now The Triffids. They have the 80's sound, but there is something missing that completely gets me into it. The Australian singer even has a good solid voice. The album has it's moments though, but maybe it was the 17 songs on the album that made it lull.

History: This song was the fourth album the band, The Triffids, and despite the sound of the 80's this album explores themes that are quite deep within in the lyrical content. The sounds are more upbeat than the message itself. Several singles would generate from this album, and not only would fans like the album, but critics would as well. The album also took place in several recording places instead of one.

Vocals: David McComb is the vocalist and guitarist of the band, and he does have a really good voice. I can even tell how people associate liking him to liking Nick Cave if you're a fan of either one. For McComb I never felt there was a point I didn't enjoy his vocals. All the way through he keeps the emotions of the songs alive. I keep wondering how the bagpipes got into the instrumentals though? Even though from Australia, does McComb have Scottish interest or descent?

Instrumentals: The instrumentals at times rocked, and sometimes I had a tough time getting into them. Alys McDonald was backing vocals and the drums, Robert McComb was on guitar, backing vocals and even violin, Martyn Casey on bass guitar, Jill Burt on keyboards and  Graham on guitar. There were lots of guitars involved in this album! The instrumentals are well performed, but something about the instruments just ran on for each tune. I'm not sure why, but I preferred the vocals.

Recording: With a rough start to finding a producer, the band still got the album out there, and churned out one that was successful almost all the way around with everyone. The sound had appeal and people liked what they were hearing. For an album where they dropped two songs from though they still had seventeen left on the album. I know sometimes there can never be enough of a good thing, but putting that many tunes on an album can leave the others a tough place to try to shine.

I can see the appeal of The Triffids, and perhaps I will go back and listen again eventually to see if I wasn't just suffering from fatigue when  tried to listen to all the songs, and was missing listening more intently to songs one on one. The vocals still are what struck me as the most memorable that are going on with me long after listening.

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