Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Book Review: Amy Clipston's The Gift of Love

If you're a fan of Amy Clipston's usual work, which is Amish fiction, then be prepared for a change up as she present work that is a bit more insightful to her own life, and what was going on behind the scenes in the middle of a lot of turmoil. I have to say that I was inspired, but as someone who faint over the medical procedures of life, and well let's say I could barely make it through alone on all the details of kidneys. I kept having to stop for breaks to take a breather.

Summary: Clipston knew how tragedy felt just by how she witnessed her father's own physical decline after having a stroke that left him different from the man he was before. More trials would await Clipston after marrying though. What should have been an exciting time awaiting the arrival of their first child turned into a trying one as her husband was diagnosed with kidney problems around that time. After being on dialysis and going through one failed kidney transplant, Clipston becomes desperate to restore any normalcy to the couples' lives even if that means making sacrifices of her own.

Characters: I think the way the book is written in a conversational style that looks at Amy's thoughts as she is handling what is going on gives the book a lot more ground. I felt attached to the people in the book, and I have to say I admired the strength that had to be practiced facing the scenarios they were given. Not only does Clipston get personal by letting us into her family life, but also she gets pretty descriptive with just how invasive and medically threatened the family became by their health crises.

Writing: The first thing that most readers will appreciate, and perhaps already appreciate about Amy if they read her other work is that she seems to do a great job at putting the emotions out there. Often I believe that people feel alone in their struggles, and when reading this it at least gives a peace of mind that you aren't alone in whatever you're fighting. Amy really knows how to reach out and relate to the reader.

Plot: For one though there is another thing that I think the book does to keep a barrier from ever presenting a true connection, and that is how Amy writes about her life in a way that makes the dialogue feel as if it's on paper, and not jumping off the page at you. The good news is that it doesn't hinder the writing and the story she has lived from reaching out to still grab your attention. There are ways it could maybe just pull you in a bit more, but overall I felt the story keeps you compelled, and getting more invest in who Amy is.

There are many things I can appreciate about what Amy has put together here, but most of all her honesty is very raw. She doesn't hide the rough patches of their marriage, and she doesn't hide that sometimes it was difficult not to think of her own emotional needs when her husband was going through his struggle with his kidney disease. All of the rawness of everyone who is suffering at various levels, and feeling the ripple effect of each other that will still stick with me. I believe that this book can be a powerful read for those who really need it, and even if you don't you still can't help but be inspired by this story of love.

This book was provided by Booklook for Bloggers in exchange for a review.

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