Tuesday, August 5, 2014

277 of 1001 Movies: Kill Bill Vol.1 (2003)

Though I haven't been amazing at keeping up posts I keep trying to get back into it. Along with that might come some revamping soon. Anyways, for now here is a review of a movie I recently watched and enjoyed, Kill Bill Vol. 1. I have to say I was a bit skeptical going into it. I've loved all the Tarantino movies I've seen so far, but I felt like this one might throw me off with the martial art aspects of it, especially since my husband doesn't like the movie. I came out really enjoying it though, and I found the movie intensely fun to watch.

Summary: A woman only known as the Bride, wakes up from a coma to find herself living a nightmare to know that her wedding didn't happen, and the baby she was pregnant with died. Now she is out to seek revenge on those that destroyed her life, but these people she at one time thought she could trust. There also just as skilled and trained in fighting as she is, but her vengeance is a strong force, and her targets will hopefully lead to her main one, Bill.

Acting: The lead is the well cast, Uma Thurman, as The Bride. I haven't seen Thurman in much, but there is something about her in this movie that radiates the best amount of silence and kick butt with a lot of emotions going on to make the portrayal more realistic. My favorite other thing about Tarantino movies is how random the cast can get. From television actors to big Hollywood actors you never know who will pop up. Daryl Hannah appears as one of the assassins who gives off only bad, and then there are ones like Vivica A. Fox's character who we know is bad yet somehow Tarantino gets us to feel a little for her. One of the more stand out performances outside of Thurman's though is really Lucy Liu as O-Ren Ishii. She is one of the final targets of The Bride's in this movie, and it leads to one of the best final epic scenes to a movie I've watched. The battle is intense and keeps you compelled for all the minutes it runs between them. David Carradine is Bill though, and the hopes of more from him are yet to come.

Filming: I have to come to know that I love the bold colors that Tarantino utilizes in his movies. You can always expect gore and revenge with Tarantino, and if that isn't your thing then you might want to pass on his movies. It would be interesting to know why that does drive many of his plots though. Somehow he makes it where it isn't the gore that stands out to you, and he does let the characters shine for more so there endeavors in revenge that comes off as selfless.

Writing: There aren't many current movies I watch in this genre that enthrall me. It utilizes some vibe about old school horror and action that I really enjoy. The final scenes are barely any talking yet the feelings of betrayal and revenge are oozing off the screen, and even though it's obvious who comes out on top during these scenes, that is if you're aware this series is getting a third movie soon, then you might expect you don't feel as much anticipation on what will happen, but I felt the same suspense I would not knowing the outcome.

Kill Bill Vol. 1 is allowing Tarantino to explore a bit more of his love for kick butt women in this movie. Where they might take second screen in movies like Inglorious Basterds, they instead take the forefront of this movie. He proves that women can be just as entertaining and fitting for these parts as male can for these movies.

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