Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Book Review: Richard Syrop's Effortless Savings

I don't know anyone who isn't looking to save in some way. I recently just got married, so even more so now than ever savings are appealing. After watching shows like Extreme Couponers you might even think the only way to save is hour upon hours of extreme couponing. Richard Syrop reveals you don't have to spend hours looking for newspapers with the best coupons, or browsing online for hours to find sites with the best coupons to us, but instead there are many other options for you.

Summary: Prices are soaring, but deals are increasing. As more places are finding that customers love to save, the better deals you can find if you know where to look. Now Syrop seems to be well informed in every area of where you can find your savings for whatever you're looking for. Whether you want to save on clothes, your phone bill, other bills, your car, food, and even your vacations, he has all the information in this very short booklet of where he can help you look for those savings.

Writing: The most enjoyable aspect for me is that Syrop is very brief and to the point. He isn't jumping around what he is trying to get at. If you're reading the Kindle version as I was, then you will find that the sites are highlighted for even further convenience in remembering where to go to visit those sites while you're reading. So you don't have to grab your notebook and pen, or whatever it is you write on to jot them down, you can just go back through the book and find them highlighted in blue. Also, the book is very well organized. He gives the book different subtitles within the chapters to navigate what you're about to be reading.

Did I find the information useful?: Now since this is non-fiction and essentially a helper out book, then most people reading a book review about this type of book are going to be curious does it help in the way it hopes to? This book really will. If there is a book worth your time and money to read I would assume that most anyone will find information in this book that will save you money in the future on some aspect of your life. For me the most informative chapter turned out to be the one about vacations. Since marrying me and my husband have found a greater want to travel than even before we were married. The honeymoon kick started a fire of wanting to continue to explore like we were for that week. The only problem is that it can wrack you up a lot money in the process. There was one option that I had almost never wanted to consider but with the addition of this book I have began to think about, and believe it would be the best route in aiding my travels, and that is doing a cruise. I want to see all I can of different places, and a cruise just seems the best route of taking in multiple sites, and experiences while traveling. Plus, it helps you get a cabin on the boat and basically a place to call home for a bit in the away process. If I had to add one other tip that I've learned from travelling like I have it would be to go when a destination isn't having as popular a season. If you go to the mountains, understandably the most expensive time to rent  hotel or cabin is during the summer and fall months. It makes sense, the leaves are luring and well summer is a popular time to vacation with the holidays. Me and my husband saved money on the honeymoon booking a cabin for five days for around a $100 a less a night because it was April and not yet May.We also got two nights free because we rented it for three days.

Overall I enjoyed this read, and I learned a lot more than I was expecting. It's one I'll be keeping on my Kindle to refer to when I'm looking for certain areas to save in, and as I need money to save I'm sure the sites recommended will be very handy to use. What always helps with a book like this is when an author is giving you new information that shows he knows his stuff, and Syrop does that. You can purchase the book at Amazon, and trust me it is worth the purchase.

This book was provided by the author in exchange for a review.

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