Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Book Review: Darlene Schacht's Messy Beautiful Love

As a newlywed I thought it might be helpful to check out a book from Darlene Schacht, who has been married 25 years and has 2 children with her husband. While I found the chapters resourceful, and with helpful advice in tow, there was this tone that I just couldn't shake as I read the novel. Now don't get me wrong many women will find it easy to relate to, and it does have relevant elements to almost anyone's life.

Summary: Whether you've been married for a year or forty years there is advice in this book that is good for any year of marriage. As we hope men might learn from books, like the recent one geared toward men about being a hero for their wives, there is a book for women geared toward helping them be better wives for their husband. Each chapter covers different types of of ways of showing encouragement and love like trying to be thankful, to virtue, and even exploring what the context of Proverbs wife is. The opening of the book is sure to make women feel more like they can relate to Schacht as well since she is open about her own imperfections in her marriage.

Writing: There is no doubt about it, the way that Darlene is so honest will make you feel like you can fall right into this book. While I did take away advice for my own marriage, there was something about the writing that I couldn't help but notice. You're probably wondering what this is as you go over how much you loved this book if you read it? And that is the same sort of very stereotypical feminine tone of the novel. I don't quite even know how to describe it, but I just didn't feel as a 26 year old I could relate to the tone of the novel all the way through. Could I use the advice? Sure. Then on top of that websites, and things you can buy online to help your marriage are referenced in the novel. While not in your face, it was still obvious. Why do I have to buy more when I've hopefully bought this book for the advice I was seeking?

Did the book offer any help in growing a marriage? Thankfully it does, so if you do buy the book you should find a good resource for your marriage, and to be honest her own site is a good one to drop by as well as she has great blogs with tips there too. I think those from any amount of time they've been married will enjoy the advice, and also be able to feel more like they can take advice from the author as she is brutally honest about her own struggles in her own marriage. The most helpful take away was really the bit about writing down things you're thankful for though in your marriage, and even the prayer challenge.

Messy Beautiful Love is a breath of fresh air in a line of books now coming from Christian women that allows them to be a bit more honest as Schacht has with her opening up about the affair she had in her marriage, and like Vicki Cortney being honest about an abortion she had as a teen. These are conversations that in these type of Christian communities we wouldn't have had a conversation about before, but now at least we seem to be talking about it. For women these books will have more leverage in their own lives to use as resources as we battle our own struggles.

This book was provided by Book Look Bloggers in exchange for a review.

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