Friday, September 5, 2014

Book Review: Doug Fields' 7 Ways to be her Hero

It may sound surprising, but as a woman I took away a lot more from this book than I expected. It's intended for guys to read. With most books that are trying to address marital relationships it always feels like the books aren't being honest, or it's the opposite sex always trying to make an assumption of how the other sex works. While this book does talk about how women respond it does not try to put anyone into too tight of a book to offer a quick tip or assumption about what might work for you and your marriage.

Summary: Many men might find their sex lives tapering to a stall at some point in their marriage, and the chemistry of your first years not there anymore. Fields gives hope to men though that if you can step up to showing your wife that you are invested as ever in your marriage though there is hope to revive the marriage, and also show your wife the love she is looking for. Many women do like to feel safe and secure with their husbands, and many husbands might forget this among the trivial tasks of everyday life, but beginning to incorporate even the smallest of acts can show her you're still thinking of her in a special way.

Writing: Doug Fields tries to write in an easy to relate to manner for men, and while most will enjoy, or won't mind that he thinks all men are always churning in their minds how to get sex, for me there was a point where it felt like maybe appreciating your wife as a person gets lost in it. At points though the comical aspects are woven in well, but with people reading this who may have real problems in their marriage, and not just looking to always work on the relationship, this book may leave itself a little too not serious to be help.

Is the book helpful?: For most this book will offer some true insights to each. Most women, especially if you're married, are looking for a man to provide some of these securities and feelings toward the woman in the book. The book should get most women to chance their response positively to their husband if he's looking to see what he can do on his end to improve the relationship. The book acknowledges though that not always will just shifting your attitude to her will change how she is though and there is a flip side to each chapter. It is true though, as Fields opens with, most women will be purchasing this book, at least to try to get their husbands to read. Most guys don't read very often, and when they do the book may take a couple of months to work on, so this book may not be one they seek out. If a female happens to read it I think they will learn just as much though in positive ways to respond to their husband if he is trying to reach out in their marriage.

If you're okay with generalizations about men and women then you will find the book easier to read than me. Overall I would recommend this book for guys hoping to understand the majority of females, particularly their wives better, but there are exceptions to every case, and trust me not everyone will fall into how people are in this book. At the end of the day I think guys would hope they don't view their wives as and end to the means at finding sex at the end of the day. While most guys do have a desire that is quite strong to get sex when they can, sometimes if a wife thinks that is your intention in all your nice acts toward her it might rub her the wrong way.

This book was provided by Book Look Bloggers in exchange for a review.

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