Friday, September 12, 2014

Book Review: Todd and Erin Stevens' How to Pick Up A Stripper

I figure most people will read this because this title automatically catches you. From there on you will find very little about strippers in this book. What is to follow are two co-authors discussing the importance of serving. The book has good points, but I often wondered who was writing. Todd seems to be narrating most the time with little or no input that seems obviously from Erin, his wife. For many though this book will inspire you to probably go out and do something kind today.

Summary: Todd is the pastor of a church called the Friendship Community Church in Nashville Tennessee. The purpose of the church is to give others friends, and serve their community. They do this in various ways that might range from just the pastor buying the next person in line meals to going to a strip club to get to know the women there. The book starts with just a various inspiration in getting started on wanting to do the acts to how to prepare yourself spiritually to have a more serving heart. If you you are looking for something like that and not a book about strippers you may enjoy.

What did I think?: Outside of Todd's perspective you don't really get a ton of viewpoints. He mentions how some people were affected by the ministering of servitude though, so it does give you insight and ways it gets set in motion. At times I also felt that Todd rambled for a bit. While I found it to be motivational at times sometimes it didn't quite always catch me. I would have also liked a chapter on what happens when people don't respond well you trying to have a serving heart. He does seem to notice that not everyone will give you that smile or thank you most people would hope for, and he essentially sums that up as that isn't the goal of what you're looking for. I get that the goal isn't what you can get in return for someone, which might be only a smile to reassure you helped make their day better. For many people though I know they need to hear that, but it might be more realistic for the book to at least dedicate a chapter on how not all the time someone will become a follower of Christ or even say thank you if you do something kind for them.

On top of that there were some odd Biblical phrasing of passages. Particularly the one where Paul is writing to Corinthians. The whole verse just felt off, and while it may not have varied hugely from the original verse there were some change ups in word and phrasing I couldn't help but notice as changing some concepts of Paul's thoughts. While potentially not too dangerous to the message it stills leaves questions about how many words are being shifted that just don't get to the root of what might have been really been discussed in the context of what Paul was experiencing, especially considering the deeper roots of translations it stems from.

How to Pick Up a Stripper did impact me to take into consideration even the smallest of ways I could be more helpful. I think Todd focuses a lot on having a servant heart toward non-Christians, which is great. There is no reason we shouldn't have kind acts toward everyone, and Todd does lightly go over don't forget those closest to you either. So remember to have a more serving heart toward everyone, and the best way to start would just be doing that in your own household.

This book was provided by Book Look for Bloggers in exchange for a review.

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