Friday, September 26, 2014

Book Review: Vicki Courtney's Move On: When Mercy Meets Your Mess

I wasn't sure what to expect when I chose this book to review, because many books that seek to encourage women can fall into a formula of motivational speaking that doesn't seem real, but more so you're being given a speech at an event to pep you up like you're at a pep rally. While Courtney does have some traces of that style, and understandably so since she is a speaker, she uses enough of her own real life accounts to bring the story back to reality. She doesn't just use other's as examples, but uses lots of her own life experiences to show how mercy from God works in our own lives.

Summary: Vicki Courtney gets very personal in this book as she shares her own mess ups as a teen, and her feelings as an adult parent later on in an attempt to make each chapter's point more spot on in getting the message of mercy across. She covers everything that might make you feel shameful, and how to humble yourselves enough that mercy means more when you feel it. Everything you can think of is hit upon though from gossip to judgement as something most of us are guilty of.

Writing: Courtney does a good job with making the reader feel as if she is just talking to them. With the information she is sharing it seems just personal enough to make the conversation seem one on one, and you might even find stuff you would share back with her if you were having an actual conversation. The only perhaps minor thing I noticed was that the book at times does seem to have that motivational speaker formula at times that can easily detract from the realness of someone's tone.

Did I find the book resourceful?: If you're really struggling right now, as I'm sure most are, to find some sort of redeeming factor about why God would accept you then this book is a must read. Courtney never makes the reader feel small, and she gives a lot of great examples from the Bible of people who have also been shown the same grace if not in worst circumstances. She brings up a huge list of ways we might judge others as well, and I have to say that was the most convicting part of the book, and it got me to wondering if I should have even brought up the one small thing that took away from the book for me, which was the use of The Message as a translation of the Bible. I don't think less of Courtney for using The Message, but I would point out that it's more accurately IN MY OPINION a paraphrasing of the Bible instead of a translation. I do like how she uses a lot of Greek words from the Bible and digs into the root of them though, because it shows her deeper knowledge of the Bible, but everyone might not have that knowledge she does.

Overall, Courtney's thoughts and approach is a refreshing way in a world where a lot of legalism and shame still exist within the church culture. I just finished another book to review, and the author talks a lot about what might be the faults of others, and their need to be convicted, but he never seems to touch on his own personal triumphs of finding mercy and grace in God. With Courtney it's a bit reassuring to see someone who knows she comes from the same boat as you.

This book was provided by Book Look Bloggers in exchange for a review.

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