Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Book Review: Erik Rees and Jenna Glatzer's Never Ever Give Up

Many won't pick up a book that ends with a tragedy and expect to find something inspirational. Jessie Rees just might be the most inspiring person you read about though considering the battle she was in, and how she still found a way to spread hope while battling her own cancer. In the hopes of spreading awareness and also hope though she lives own through something of her own that she established while alive.

Summary: The movement that would evolve from Jessie's life was called Never Ever Give Up. At age 11 Jessie was diagnosed with a brain tumor that was inoperable. Instead of giving up herself though she began a new journey to spread encouragement to others. Out of their own garage, Jessie and her family began making Joy Jars. These were filled with items like toys, games, and other items to give to kids who had cancer. The movement grew from where Jessie was seeking treatment at a hospital to a wider movement across the country that were sent to other children hospital and to Ronald McDonald houses. Now Jessie lives on through a foundation founded in her name, the Jessie Rees Foundation.

Do you feel the inspiration? To be honest, it would be really difficult to not feel the inspiration of this book while reading, because it's not only spotlighting Jessie life, but also a reminder of the change and inspiration we can all bring while we are. Plus, I'm sure I'm not the only one but I see so many people challenging each other on who has it worse, or how bad their lives are, and Jessie at age 11 could have easily caved into these attitudes, if anything she was entitled to. Instead she finds a way to put some good out there knowing that she battling something that is very likely to take her life. I couldn't imagine having this sit on me when I was eleven.

If you ever wanted to contribute yourself then this book does provide the inspiration to do that. You also might cry though as well most people know the ending of this story. Also, you'll find the parents very inspirational as well because they helped their daughter out in their dreams even though I imagine the weight of what was happening was sitting on them as well.

Not a light read, but an encouraging read is what this is. It's helpful for those in the same circumstance, or those just needing an uplifting story to help them out as well. The photo on the front cover of the girl is inspirational in itself because in the midst of her battle she was still smiling and working to help other smile as well.

This book was provided by Book Look Bloggers in exchange for a review.

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