Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Book Review: Ralph K. Hawkins and Richard Leslie Parrott's Leadership Lessons

With two writers analyzing and writing about what there is to learn from King Saul's troubled rule, you get a book full of information. At times what is information that seems to be repeated a few times, but it is a learning experience. You also might find yourself smacking your head a few times in shock about how disastrous some of his decisions were. This isn't just a quick book to learn from though. Both the authors have really attempted to not only point out his problems, but solutions to learn from.

Summary: King Saul might be known as the guy who was so bad at being king he even made God regret his decision. There are many times I've puzzled over that alone. God regretted something that perhaps he could have known was coming? It's an interesting thought in the idea of who God is, and yet shows our comprehension seems to be so little even with all the theology we have nowadays. This is isn't what this book is about though. Instead it's over the ways that Saul failed, and even though he started out great he turned out to be a dud. Now that we know that though how can we better ourselves by learning from his mistakes in leading?

Writing: The writing often revolves around two people, who make sure to clarify who is writing before they speak. I guess the two different writers give more credit to what they are saying, and perspectives from each, but otherwise I read so quick, sometimes I didn't even realize who was talking. While I appreciate the gesture it didn't seem to make a difference to my long term view of the book, or what I took away from it.

Does the book provide guidance in what it is hoping to? At some point we will all have to be a leader whether we recognize it or not. If you're actually going into a leadership position at a company or a church then you'll find resourceful tools in laying out a plan, and things to be aware of so you can always try to enforce ways to not become above the others in what you are doing. Sometimes though being a leader can be something as simple as taking charge of your life, and maybe making that move you're considering to another city or taking that class you've been debating for a while. While I understand the book may not want to expand in directing it's focus to those things to keep a direction, you don't have to be deterred by not reading by thinking you're not called to be a leader. I took some of my own encouragement from the book in decisions I just haven't been wanting to take the lead on. Everyone at some point wants to make good decisions because we will be leading something whether once or everyday of our lives.

Leadership Lesson is a very well laid out book, and with two authors you're getting an expansive opinion of how to handle the power of being a leader. Do I think I will ever be the type of leader this book is aimed at? No. I did take inspiration to become a leader in certain aspects of my life that I'm trying to instead be a follower of though.

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