Friday, October 31, 2014

Book Review: Roger W. Thompson's My Best Friend's Funeral

Dealing with loss is something many people can understand, and yet something that also a lot of people don't quite understand. Regardless of whether you have or not you've probably at least thought about what it will be like to experience deep loss, and for anyone this book will be something that when you read you may find comfort in, and the reality of getting through those tough moments. The book is a beautiful read about life, and the losses that affected the writer's life in a way that also matured him.

Summary: Roger Thompson grew up from middle school on with his friend Tim by his side. Whenever he needed advice or someone to talk to his best friend was there, until his death at age 33. For Roger this is made more devastating by the fact he lost his father at the same age Tim died. Roger remembers the memories he made with his friend, and also the lessons learned by not only his death, but also the time they had together. It's a memoir to give a feeling of unity with others who have experienced the same.

Writing: This book is a little confusing when starting out because he instantly begins at his friend's funeral, and he seems to be drawing the same views of speaking at his friend's funeral to another moment in his life when he was in front of a crowd. For me this was a little rough start, but once the first few chapters are read into the book really picks up pacing, and it finds it's ground with it's writing and being appealing.

Did this book connect with me? I think this book definitely had the desired effect of pulling at my heart, and even hitting me with the same emotions that Roger was feeling at the experience of loss he was going through with his friend. I also found that Roger turned the simplest of moments into something beautiful because he writes about conversations and events with Tim in a way that puts you in that moment and the significance of it now that he is gone. It's those little moments that make the book something because most people have probably experienced those times in some format or another.

The book also made me feel like I might cry a bit at times too, and if you're something who has chosen this book to read you might be expecting that. Books about death typically people might avoid as people don't like the feelings that come with them, but there is something about this book that is uplifting and you feel you are there with Roger in trying to feel the same uplifting nature he is now looking toward to keep on.

This book is good. I don't know to rank it to the last book I read as far as memoirs. It's ranks high, but I think I liked Walk to Beautiful a bit better. I also do like how Roger never tries to sell you anything in addition to this book. There is no add for an accompanying book to buy, and at the end Roger seems to welcome the readers to even reach out or read the site for information.

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