Wednesday, November 5, 2014

280 of 1001 Movies: Fahrenheit 9/11

Several years ago when John Kerry and George W. Bush went up against each in the election, there was a movie that was released around the same time, and it would become the biggest earning documentary still to this day. The movie for some was just a biased opinion, and for some it had views they could believe. It really just depended on the political party you were in. What we do know is that Michael Moore isn't a fan of George.

Summary: George Bush was elected president in a way that was very whirlwind. Almost so much so, no one even knows how the election really ended up with the whole Florida debacle. Anyways, not long after being elected President Bush would have a lot of defining events happen during his presidency. This would also lead to much speculation from the public, and scrutiny, while some were left supporting the ideas. Whatever your thoughts Michael Moore tries to go really in depth in to why he thinks the way he does. He conducts interviews, he stakes out buildings, and he shares what his bases are in what he believes and why.

Plot: Going into this movie it's just safe to say depending on the political party that you already identify with will be what you think of this movie. I don't think this movie will convert conservatives to changing their minds about Republicans, or something, and I think when it was released it mainly just viewed to the crowd who already believes or speculates much the same. Anyways, regardless I think the movie will provide some food for thought.

There is a reason that Moore is so popular, and viewed, and that is because with the variety of movies he has released we can all witness a guy who doesn't cater to any party. If he thinks you're up to something fishy then he will cover it and expose it. I honestly think the positive for him is that he doesn't ever seem to be feeding into a politicians agenda just for the sake of feeding into a party. Now the movie has it's weak points though in covering the thoughts he has on Bush. Because even if you do agree the hate that you can hear in Moore's voice for the GOP and Bush are just too present, and perhaps that is the problem with narrating your own movie. You are already passionate about this subject, and well anyone watching is going to hear in your own voice how much you already despise the topic. Plus, there were moments where I felt Moore was talking about some legitimate issues with the system, like who is targeted for the military, and yet the tone of his voice sounds so relaxed and almost proceeding in a comical way as he has with various points of the movie. Perhaps I'm just looking at how my own emotions got when viewing those topics in the movie but I definitely didn't feel that any of the topics were comical as much as a I did a form of victimizing and causing terrible acts to fall on innocent people. I just found nothing very funny as I did shocking about what was being alleged in the movie.

The movie is a good overview though of some things to think on once you finish viewing. Depending how staunch on one side or moderate you are will be the guidance of how you ultimately feel about this one though. I think some little touches here an there would have strengthened it, like a different narrator, or a less relaxed approach in telling the facts. I understand that Moore narrated because he might feel he is the most passionate about the subject matter, and might be the best to share, but for me it took a few to get into. It hits an interesting pattern though, and if I doubt it will be hard not for someone to at least give an ear to what Moore has to say.

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