Friday, November 21, 2014

Book Review: Anne Marie Miller's Lean on Me

Anne Marie Miller has wrote a better than expected book with Lean on Me. I hate to say it but after reading a number of other books that seemed to be in the same category for women I was expecting the same run around, but Miller seems a lot different. She's very honest, and like me it seems she can even get lost in her own thoughts, which can make it a hard thing to explain when writing. I felt I could relate to the sentiments of the book though even if I hadn't even experienced many of the events she has. I still can relate to the feelings.

Summary: After several life changing events, including the loss of her father, heart surgery, and a divorce, Anne found her life empty of ways to cope with the anxiety brewing from these events, and without a close knit community to confide in she was was further falling apart. Until she had others reaching out to her and inviting her into their homes did she begin to feel that she was stepping forward in healing from the barriers of her past. Now she shares her steps in committing to a community.

Many of us don't seek community again, and I'll admit I don't either. It isn't until times we think we need it that we seek it out, and at that time we find we haven't been working on building one. Miller though learned the importance about not only having a community in the rough time but one that is maintained as she grows and changes too.

I personally did find encouragement from the book, and it did have me considering my own lack of community and why I might go about establishing one. To be honest, it's not that I strive or miss having a big community, but I know eventually I could regret not getting to know more people. Knowing more people can really be something not only for you, but for your other people as well. I'm not going to lie though I just struggle with seeking out friends at this point, because it's also that I've never had this huge desire to. Unlike many people it's something that doesn't cross my mind day to day.

I like how Miller gets honest in the book as well. She really opens up about her past experiences and what got her on the path that has led her to now and writing this book. I like how the book doesn't feel like a step by step plan to getting it together and finding friends. Instead it reads as a real account with rough patches and good patches, and that just because you think something or someone might make it better, it might not always. As far as relationships the book does provide insight into how they work, and if you're like Miller you'll be able to relate to the accounts more.

I do love how honest the book seems. There is no direct path to any of the chapters and advice she is writing about, and she doesn't make you feel like she is someone who knows it all to be talking about, but makes you feel like she is a friend that is having a conversation with you. When writing a book like this that seems helpful to be able to do. There are times when it gets emotional, and you can tell that perhaps Miller is drifting into her own thoughts. While some may not enjoy that I thought it made the book read realer.

This book was provided by Book Look Bloggers in exchange for a review.

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