Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Book Review: Jon Weece's Jesus Prom

I'm not going to lie, I have a tough time liking people, and they probably have a tough time liking me, which is why I keep to my own for the most part. When I saw this book available to review last week about liking people though, and not just liking them but loving them, I decided to give it a try.  I think Jon Weece is a nice guy, and he has some great stories to share about loving people, but I also read Bob Goff's Love Does, and I couldn't help but feel I was just reading that book over, except with more inspirational stories of love.

Summary: If there is one thing we're called on by Christ to do that is certain, it's to love people. Now depending on how you interpret this you will love in different ways, and with Weece he shows the love by really just being there for people. He's there to talk, he's there to help, and he's there to share. There are some inspirational stories of when he  people to love, like the homeless man in Haiti. That story stood out to me most of all. With a foreword appropriately from Bob Goff himself, readers are sure to have a little hope in humanity revitalized.

As said, the book did feel a lot like to me in how I felt about Love Does. I did enjoy Love Does a good bit, and Jesus Prom is a nice companion to it. Love Does though felt more readable to me. From what I recall they discuss much the same subject matter, except one includes more accounts that seems one man was more affected by other's love, inspiring him to inspire the love he has for others. I can't recall many instances in the book where Weece also experiences love from others like this. Then again, it makes sense. This book isn't about seeing that love in the flesh to share it, but instead being inspired by Christ to share it with or without the same in return. And well that is a great point.

One main imagery issue I had to get out of the way though was the title, and the theme of the book. I didn't enjoy my prom, and there are others I know who didn't go to prom. I'm glad Weece had a great time at his prom, but not everyone did nor did they want to attend. Can you relate to the book regardless of whether you feel included in the main theme? You can, but it just seems there were some better options than imagining arriving to a prom one day held by Jesus.

The best point to really take away is the idea of servitude from this book, because at the end of the day many people don't witness people who do acts just because they want to serve other people. It's something deeply missing, and with the growing sense of entitlement among the population, "if you don't act this way, then I can't be this way for you," thought, well we only think certain people deserve our attention. Then again this just reminds me also of that book How to Talk to a Stripper? I think it was called something like that. Anyways, it was about a husband and wife who teamed up in their community to reach out to people in their community just by doing something nice with nothing in return. The difference in my thought process from Jon Weece's though is that life might not get fun just because you're trying to love like God does. It could get painful, hard, and a bit depressing as you continue to press on to love people in the worst of circumstances and even people who maybe downright mean.

These type of books seem to be growing in population, and well that isn't a bad thing. Regardless of whether the book seems to only be using other points already made doesn't mean we don't need to hear them again. I will most likely continue to struggle to love people, but I'm trying to not give up. I just keep reminding myself. I only am called to love whether or not it is returned.

This book was provided by Book Look Bloggers in exchange for a review.

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