Monday, December 29, 2014

448 of 1001 Albums: Lucinda Williams' Car Wheels on a Gravel Road

Lucinda Williams' Car Wheels on a Gravel Road was a deviation in what I'm currently listening to in music. The combination of the rock, folk, and heavily country influence come together to be suiting for Williams voicing. This might just be an album you can turn on while traveling on a gravel road in your car...preferably I hope to be on gravel roads as little as possible.

Williams' fifth album would be released in 1998 with much acclaim and success. It would even score her a first album to go gold. With the multiple genres layered on the album in the realm of country it is very appealing for many audiences. Not only with the musical talent though, there is Williams' voicing that impressively conveys the content of her lyrics, and relates to you. It's definitely one of the pioneering albums in music for women.

credit: qbq903
The imagery of the album gets off to a great start by presenting this image of driving on a car on a gravel road, and then from there your mind can grasp the deeper meanings and feelings you will be grasping in the album. If you're from the country as I am, then you might remember when roads were more graveled than paved as they are now even. It not only allures to the rough parts of life as we are going over them, but it brings out the nostalgia effect as well if you're thinking back to certain times.

Enough about me though. The album itself is a good one, but the main thing that will hold me back from enjoying it again is my lack of enjoyment of country toned music. Don't get me wrong, this isn't like your mainstream country station that was occurring even in the 90's. It's much better than that, and the talent shines through all elements of the album.

 Credit: p1nkp4nt3r
The best way to listen to this album might just be turning it on while you're driving. Not driving to work or to the grocery store, but on a road trip. It's reflective, and the lyrics are well crafted. Lucinda Williams is a very talented voice, and the power she exudes when singing showcases the talent she has. You can also feel the emotions she has toward her lyrics, and for the listener this brings you in closer to what is being sang.

Fans of genres that fall into rock, country, and folk will find something to like about this album. It has a tone that resonates with the listener, and makes you feel what is being sang. Better than listening to the album might be giving the song a listen to live though to hear the talent.

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