Tuesday, January 27, 2015

289 of 1001 Movies: Pulp Fiction (1994)

Filmed in Los Angles, this movie is an epic, long, dark, and comedic ride. With a lower budget than one might expect, Tarantino took this film and wired into his dream. This movie seems like Reservoir Dogs 2.0. I do like Pulp Fiction though, and while a controversial director, I think Tarantino ranks as one of my favorites officially now, since I can't think of a movie I've disliked from him. I've so far loved them.

Summary: Three stories are featured that are all connected. The first follows Vincent, a hit man for the mobster Marsellus. After fulfilling a hit, he is asked to take Marsellus' wife out, Mia. An accidental drug overdose sends their evening into a tail spin though.
The next story is about Butch. who has accepted a large sum of money from Marsellus to take a dive in his next match. After he wins though he takes off with the money that he has won. The getaway for Butch is filled with chaos, and unexpected violent events.
The last part of the movie is about Jules, who does hits with Vincent for Marsellus. The hit that the movie begins and ends with changes Jules life after he believes a miracle has happened.

This is one of the most ambitious movies I've seen. I enjoyed it, but it doesn't place above some of my other favorite Tarantino movies like Inglorious Basterds or Kill Bill Vol. 1. The movie has great direction, but I love the directness of the others better.

The most memorable aspect of the movie is the interaction between Vincent and Jules. John Travolta has one of his most memorable and signature performance as Vincent. I haven't seen Travolta in a lot, but this showed his range. There is also Samuel L. Jackson as Jules. Between these two a lot of awkward and dark comedy ensues. I don't know how I feel about laughing out loud at some of their scenes together.

If only Uma Thurman could always score roles as she does in Tarantino movies. Tarantino always writes unique and catchy female roles. Thurman brings to life the mysterious nature of the females' he writes, and it sets them apart from many feminine roles in movies I've seen. Thurman's character Mia is no different, and I don't think anyone else could have brought this character to life.

I wish there would have been more of her character in the movie. It would have been extended by another hour, but it might have been worth it. I was so curious about the life she led as the life of a wife of a mobster in this setting. There are other noticeable faces though like Bruce Willis as Butch. This is one of the few Willis roles I've enjoyed. I'm still not sold on Willis, because it was more so the writing that carried it, but he brought it to life well in a suiting character for him.

Pulp Fiction is a classic and a stand out for the time of 1994. It doesn't scream that it's a 90's movie, and it intentionally looks ahead of it's time. It throws in random elements like the 50's restaurant and dance scene with 70's inspired music to transform the time into one that transcends over generations.

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