Monday, January 5, 2015

38 of 1001 Songs: Duffy's Mercy

I realized that Duffy might be Kristen Chenoweth in disguise, and I also realized I still like the song today just as much when I heard it in 2008. Sadly, the song and even the artist, Duffy, would get swept under the rug years later in the comparisons to Amy Winehouse, or at least that is what I assume. Personally, I think they were both individually talented.

History: Duffy's second single, Mercy, from the album Rockferry, would have positive notice, but a lot of questionable comparisons as well. This didn't kill the buzz for the song that seemed to be in every commercial it could be fitted into. The song though is catchy, and it's usage of the bass gives it more notice. Duffy also has a very that is recognizable despite comparable counterparts. It was released in 2008, and is just as recognizable song in 2015.

I haven't heard the other songs that Duffy draws close comparison to with this one, but Duffy styles her voicing to keep enough uniqueness to it to stand out. I also think this song became a very popular feminine song. Men can listen to it just as easy, but the voicing and the lyrics provide a feeling of power for women listening. I at least would turn it on for a listen for some power.

The different elements are what make this tune powerful. You have a strong lead singer, and then an arrangement of instrumentals that contribute to the front woman. The opening is arguably the best part though. Every time I hear this song coming on, I can't help but stopping to listen. I think what drove this song to be as prominent as it came to be was the catchy sound.

I don't know if this song will be legendary in a few years. It was a huge chart topper with talent that abounded in it. I don't know if it stands out against some other contemporaries that were also in the music industry at the same time. If I remember, I did listen to this song a good bit when it was released, but slowly just forgot it after a year or so.

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