Thursday, January 22, 2015

39 of 1001 Songs: The Ink Spots' Java Jive

If you're a coffee lover you might want to add a new song to your morning playlist, especially one that loves on coffee as much as this tune does. The Ink Spots progress the tunes into the 40's, and it shows the era of the 40's is one to get excited to listen to as I move away from songs from the 30's.

History: The song shows a huge music transition from the 1930s to the 1940s. The lyrics are a lot different. They still have lots of rhythm, but way less emotional tension, and a lot more fun instead with the words of the song. It also moves along the genre of jazz after the birth of blues oriented artists in the 30's. The harmonies are an ode to mostly coffee, but you also have a love for tea in the song also that rings through. The song was recorded in 1940.

Songs like this are a subtle reminder of how times have shifted, and even shifted from the early 40's, till after World War 2. This song was a recorded single, and yet it has the ease of a jingle. The song is relaxing and it definitely got me wanting to drink a cup of tea while listening.

Another aspect I noticed about the tune was how crisp it was in comparison to the songs recorded in the 30's. This is just 1940, but you can already hear the difference. Also, I understand that many changes in the music industry and preservation had also been occurring by this time to contribute to that as well.

I wanted to keep in mind the cultural changes that were occurring when listening. I know the 30's were a harsh one, and from what I remember a brief time between America entering World War II and the Depression I believe was upbeat, and this song does reflect that.

I can't help but be compelled by the harmonies though. The guitar leads in the tune well with the other instrumentals to get the listener curious, but when the harmonies begin the real charm of the tune also begins. It's a simple song that reflects a simple enjoyment till this day that people have. I love how the song continues, and the harmonies become more of what carries the tune than the instrumentals.

For a song to start the 40's this is definitely a great start, and I'm excited to see more of what this era is going to offer. The Ink Spots are worth checking out if you're looking to explore of this era.

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