Friday, January 9, 2015

449 of 1001 Albums: Tears for Fears' Songs From the Big Chair

I have an open love for music from the 80's. The middle of the decade brought some of the best music of that time, including Tears For Fears' Songs From The Big Chair. I hadn't heard the whole album till I got the record for Christmas, and it now stands as one of my favorite albums I've heard.

History: This album spawned many singles including the popular ones, "Shout", and "Everybody Wants to Rule the World." It was a hit in multiple countries, and it was received well by critics a like. This album goes carefree in sound, and meshes all types of genres and instrumentals to compose an album that is unique from other new wave bands' directions at the time. You never know what is coming next on this album. Also, I do recommend looking up the meaning behind the title of the album...

One of the singles I enjoyed from the album was, "Everybody Wants to Rule the World." This song is still a popular one from them, and it has modern elements to the tune that keep it appealing even to listen to today. The guitar arrangement is one of my favorite parts, especially at the opening, and I like how the drumming beat of the tune rolls in the rest of the song with the new wave effects. Overall, the song is upbeat, but it's also easy to relate to in a serious way.

Another favorite single from the song is "Head Over Heels." This is a song I hadn't heard from the group before, and immediately liked when it came on. It has a lighter, 80's vibe, that I enjoy in 80's songs. The single, "Mother's Talk", is also a good tune, and their first single from the album.

The most popular song from the album might be, "Shout." Before having the album it was the only one I knew was from Tears For Fears. The song is dramatic, and unlike the other tunes not easy listening outside of a certain mood, but I love it. The pounding of the drums, the jazzy saxophone, make this song come together to have intense emotion.

There is a bit of everything on this album, and it will be unexpected. You kick off with the serious and dramatic song, "Shout," and end with a more culturally drive song, "Listen." In between there is an array of sound and themes that will provide more than much 80's music of the time. It's not a bunch of light beats and romantic lyrics, but instead a bit of rebellious hit back from the band.

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