Thursday, February 26, 2015

Book Review: Trip Lee's Rise

Trip Lee is an author, rapper, and now pastor. He's juggling a lot of cards right now including being a father and husband, so when reading Rise you'll find a lot of real life narratives that Lee has put to use in his own life. Each chapter focuses on an occasion to rise for God, and show your faith. The book has a lot of motivational speech, and grows in depth as you read.

Summary: God created people for more than what they may be rising to now, and Lee wants to encourage the younger generation to rise up more than they are now for God. He doesn't just encourage others though, he puts himself in the hot box with everyone else. Lee leaves no problem that maybe hindering the reader untouched, and he finds a way to continue to motivate the reader past the issue they maybe dealing with. The book gets personal more toward the end as he recounts his decision to marry at a young age, and outside of his race, and also his recent battle of being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Disease.

If you've heard Trip Lee's music you might know that he's breaking the mold of faith based hip hop, and him and Lacrae have gotten their names out there. Lee though doesn't seem to have let this fame go to his head, and he has instead remained humbly dedicated to his passion. Not only that, but he seems in tune with reminding people of their purpose to serve Christ.

The book does inspire, but I also was reaching for depth that I could never really find. I liked the honesty that Lee begins revealing to the reader at the end, but for the first part of the book I couldn't help but feel I was being yelled at. I also felt the target of the audience was mixed. It's aimed at people my age, which is in their twenties or thirties, but I felt maybe the audience was a bit younger than me.

I also felt while encouraging people to overcome certain sins and step into church service, some of the difficulties of this were overlooked as well. There are many reasons people maybe dealing with what they are dealing with, and while this book may inspire them in the moment, the issue may need a lot more dealing with than a simple change of mindset.

Not to give people excuses, but I feel there are just so many layers to the surface layer being addressed. If you're looking for a quick read that is tying to motivate you in something you're already feeling pulled to do then it works for that.

I love how Lee tries to relate to his reader as well, but I think theologically we are different as well. I'm a huge person who takes into account the cultural surroundings of the Bible, and while I think Lee does that, it leaves the book still reading with a different vibe for me. I didn't disagree with what he said, but I had some thoughts where my mind began to wonder.

This book was provided by Book Look Bloggers in exchange for a review.

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