Thursday, March 19, 2015

452 of 1001 Albums: Beth Orton's Central Reservations

 Today was a Beth Orton type of day. With the back drop of the moody, cloudy, and rainy day, her tunes carried a lot more power. They were also uplifting enough to provide a bit of silver lining to the day. Her voice is powerful, and with the backdrop of the soothing music, it's the perfect balance.

Each song on the album sounds different. One moment it veers into an indie pop inspired tune, or the next more with folk roots. I could see Norah Jones having potentially being inspired a lot by the tune of Beth Orton. The album did start out a little slow to me, but as it continue on I did relate to the songs better, and I enjoyed the instrumentals of each tune, and how it grew the personality of the album as the songs went on. It grows into a beautiful album.

The 1999 album will also bring you back to the late 90's, and make you think of the music that transcending us into another century. It received great reviews and feedback from the critic audience, and proved a success with fans as well by shooting to the top of many charts around the world. It would also win awards and receive recognition.

Now there are also many artists of varying genres these tunes put me in mind of as well if you enjoy these other ones, like Tori Amos or Sarah Maclachlan. She has a rustic tone to her voicing, and with the wide range of instrumentals adding a variety of emotions to her singles it adds impacts.

It will take time to know whether this will be an album I will go back to, but tunes like "Feel to Believe" still stick with me.

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