Thursday, April 2, 2015

44 of 1001 Songs: Robyn with Kleerup's With Every Heartbeat

 Today I listened to a tune that sounds like it could have been released yesterday. It's pop sounds transcend well even with the minor changes in the genre since 2007.  It's very catchy, and I like how it sounds more of the type of pop I generally like hearing.

History: In 2007, With Every Hearbeat, was released to help promote artist, Kleerup, with his own self titled album coming out. It was very hot over seas in countries like Belgium, Denmark, and the United Kingdom. In the United States it would break the top 20 on the Billboard charts. What you might notice about this song that makes it different from other pop tunes is that it has no major chorus. Instead it relies on a tune that cycles the song more. The song would garner critical praise for it's usage of this.

This song is from two albums. The song was featured on Robyn's Self Titled album, and Kleerup's. I like the different energy of the song, and how it feels it transcends what would make particular genres popular at the time they were. I think it's why you can pick up the song and still enjoy it now in a way that doesn't feel it has aged.

The song also doesn't seem long. It runs a little over 4 minutes, but it feels like you're listening for only a couple of minutes. I think without a chorus it doesn't have that pattern that goes through the stages where it builds toward the end, but also feels over extended with the energy. For some this might not make the song as memorable. Usually when we remember songs it will be the part we get stuck in our head, but this tune doesn't get stuck in my head. That works because I like that, but makes it not so easy to remember.

If you like pop, or don't, this is a different tune to check out. The artists keep it edgy. I can see why it garnered the attention it did, and in a genre that is very difficult to gain attention in, it does it in a way that makes you listen.

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