Thursday, May 21, 2015

454 of 1001 Albums: The Replacements' Let It Be

I was shocked I hadn't listened to Let It Be after I had already fallen in love with songs like Unsatisfied and Androgynous. Sadly, it had been a while since I had heard the band until a cover of Androgynous popped up on social media outlets. I remembered how much I enjoyed those songs, and the next thing I know I was checking the album out.

I enjoyed it so much so I was discussing it with Brandon, so he decided to surprise me with the album on a car trip home. Perfect night time driving music. It's soft, loud, erratic, nostalgic, and you get the point. It's a bit of everything. Whether you like the range of punk, alternative, or indie on the album I think the diversity can be admired.

No two songs sound the same on the album. We jump from piano ballads to hardcore sounding punk songs. Then there is a range of songs that fit into more a classic rock sound. The talent of the vocalist, Paul Westerberg, who at some points is putting a bit more melody in his voice and others a bit more yell.  The instrumentals also come together as a collaborative effort to follow the pattern they've put together. I like how sometimes it does resort to the more garage rock they were known for, but gives a lot more songs also showcasing the talent Chris Mars, Bob Stinson, and Tommy Stinson, and Westerberg have. Plus, it's very awesome Peter Buck from R.E.M. did a guitar solo for "I Will Dare." I did love that song.

Recorded at Blackberry Way Studios in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and released in 1984, the album would be well received by fans and critics. Not only that but it would still hold a lot of lyrics people still value listening to today.

The band does still tour, and they recently released an E.P. for Record Store Day last month. The Replacements had been around since before Let It Be, but I feel this album is ultimately what sealed them in music history. Listening through the whole album I found other songs I enjoyed, and something that carried the times with it. Brandon ended up enjoying listening to the album as well. It's a great way to stay awake at eleven at night!

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