Thursday, June 15, 2017

Chauga Narrows - Sumter National Forest, South Carolina

Length: 1.2 miles / Difficulty: Easy

I've had to become more aggressive with the watermark usage since I've had photos used, and I don't remember anyone asking me.  You don't realize how serious you should take it till it happens. This weekend we did a hike to Chauga Narrows near Mountain Rest, South Carolina. The falls are within the Sumter National Forest. It was a little rainy that day, but it feels like forever since we've made it to a waterfall we hadn't seen.

I forgot to grab a trail photo, but the 0.6 miles to the waterfall on the river is mostly easy. There is a bit of a scramble near the end to get to the base, though.The trail also runs alongside the river most the way, so there are eroded parts where the trail is narrow and has lots of roots. Technically the 25 feet drop and 200 feet run down this part of the river is a Class VI rapid.  When water levels are higher kayakers take on the Chauga River at this part of it.

The upper part of the Chauga Narrows is the most visible, but there is a short drop below it. The rocks are slick and since water levels can get higher I would consider it dangerous to try to venture any further. By the time we make it back to the parking lot the trail has taken us around 1.2 miles. Outside of keeping footing the closer we got to the narrows and climbing down and up for a better view, the trail stays easy.  There are no markings for when you're about to reach the trail, but it's an easy find on Whetstone Road and, reach the bridge.  It's free to park. This is also a popular fishing and camping area on the river.

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