Monday, June 19, 2017

Vacancy Always Welcomes at Valley Courts Motel - Tryon, North Carolina

You're always going to find vacancy at the Valley Courts Motel. I noticed I had a fascination with old motels on the trips we've take to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which is surrounded by abandon motels that once were probably popular with the public. We were one our way to Pearson's Falls when I noticed a motel on the way, and on the way back I asked Brandon if he wanted to stop. The hotel is listed as being in Tyron, North Carolina.

The remains of the motel now are grown over. I couldn't find a date as to when it shut down, but from the looks it is probably almost a couple of decades. We didn't step foot inside.

We took a peek inside the doors still opened. There was a faint glimpse of the layout of the rooms, including the bathroom.  Supposedly this motel also had a pool and and mini golf. There is an old photo of the motel here.

Behind the motel is bamboo. I kept hearing the wind catch it and the bamboo would make a cracking sound as it clashed together. It was sort of eerie with the atmosphere of the motel.

It was oddly fun exploring the old motel and walking around to see a place that once was probably a popular destination for tourists in the mountains. There is a sense of community you feel with what people were seeking when they visited places like this, and to some sense it's one of the few bits of standing history with no story you can invent a glamorous past for.


  1. Valley Courts was indeed a very nice motel in its day. We spent the first night of our honeymoon there in October, 1965. We stayed in room 6, and ten years later returned to the same room for our anniversary trip. It was still a popular motel in 1975, and was still in business the next year as well. Not sure when it closed, but we went by there some years later on the way to Flat Rock and it had closed and looked like the posted pictures. The next time we drove by and checked, it had been bulldozed. I remember in 1965 the owner told us her husband built interstate highways, so I suppose nearby I-26 was the death knell for this once pretty little place.

    1. Thank you for sharing your memories of the hotel. It was fascinating to read. I love hearing the history and stories around the hotel. I was wondering what might have put it out of business considering any photos I found online showed it to be a hopping and scenic place. The area I'm sure lost some traffic thru once I-26 ran past there.

  2. We recently purchased this 6 acre site. Only one of the 1960's buildings was bulldozed. The 1940's building and the other 1960's building is still standing, but in need of MAJOR RENOVATION !!!
    please email ant photos or info, you have, to

    1. Good luck in your renovations! It's a beautiful location.


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